Leg and Foot 60cm

Product Nr.: 741600

  • To maintain the physiological setting of the foot. Mainly heels, forelegs and fingers.
  • Stabilizes the position of the foot in dorsiflexion. Supports stretching of Achilles tendor.
  • Releases the soft tissues of the calf, ankle, plantar, instep and forefoot.
  • Positive effect on muscle tone: tibialis anterior muscle and triceps surae muscle
  • Suitable for long-term bedridden patients. As a positioning aid.
  • Stabilizes an unstable ankle during activities and exercises without load (e.g. lying down, sitting) and with load (lifting, standing, supporting the foot, transferring weight from leg to leg, training the 1st and 3rd phases of walking).
  • Supports contact of the heel with the mat, e.g. in back exercises with a support of feet (bridging) and when walking.
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